A broad array of coalitions have come together to support the reforms needed to bring about this change and remove unnecessary barriers to college access.

By signing the Fair Chance Higher Education Pledge, these higher education institutions are:

  • Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to take action to reduce barriers to a fair shot at a second chance, especially though an educational opportunity, including adopting fair chance admissions practices like going “Beyond the Box” by determining whether criminal justice-related questions are necessary to make an informed admission decision, and if so, whether these questions should be moved to a later part of the application process (e.g., after schools make an initial admission decision or after students meet the academic criteria) or whether the initial review of the application can be conducted without knowledge of the answers to the criminal-justice related questions.
  • Taking action in their local communities by supporting professors and students who want to teach or are teaching in corrections facilities and ensuring internships and job training are available to individuals with criminal records.
  • Setting an example for their peers. The Obama Administration will highlight these additional pledge takers later this year.

We encourage you to share best practices and success stories with other higher education institutions.

Download the Fair Chance Education Pledge