It’s been several weeks of great news and events for SCEA!

Rising Stars

At an event on April 24 hosted by The Education Trust, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and the Institute for Higher Education Policy, two of SCEA’s students participated in the panel discussion via videoconference. The in-person panelists were Ivelisse Gilestra, of College and Community Fellowship, and Terrell Blount of the Formerly Incarcerated College Graduate Network and the Vera Institute of Justice. Our students, Lu and Maurice, did an amazing job and the event evaluations of participants said that speaking with current students was a highlight of the day.
We followed this event up with a visit from Dr. Tiffany Jones and Ms. Satra Taylor from The Education Trust in late May where they talked about the history and future of higher education policy and how it ties into higher education programs in prison.

Unlock Higher Ed

Program Alum Renel Domond continues to make waves. Here are highlights from the June meeting of Unlock Higher Ed at The Education Trust in Washington DC. Renel is joined in snapshots by Gerard Robinson, the Executive Director of the Center for Advancing Opportunity in Washington, DC, and  Annie Freitas, Co-Executive Director of Operation Restoration in New Orleans.



Student Luis Mattei, Jr. had an Op-Ed published by The Education Trust.

Upcoming Presentation

SCEA will be presenting a panel at the National Conference on Higher Education in Prison (NCHEP) in November. Our approved panel will include CTDOC representatives, volunteers, and hopefully a current student. The title of the panel is “Collaboration and Cooperation Between Higher Ed in Prison Programs and the DOCs That Host Them: A Case Study.”

Upcoming Courses

This summer, we are offering Introduction to Material Sciences, Civics, Network Design, Economics, Philosophy, and Latin American History! Classes start the week of July 7.