At the National Conference on Higher Education in Prison, SCEA CEO Dr. Erin Corbett presented her working paper, Toward a Critical Andragogy of the Correctional Space.

Abstract: Through a survey of relevant literature around instructional methodology, andragogy, and teaching and learning, this presentation explores the unique experience of teaching inside prison and identifies helpful strategies to create and cultivate a thoughtful, emplaced praxis that we call “critical andragogy of the correctional space.” We seek to answer: What are some of the forces that impact how incarcerated learners arrive to the classroom positioned to learn and what are some of the components of an instructor’s praxis that align and
account for the confined student’s identity and positionality?

Dr. Corbett also sat on the NCHEP panel on Building Bridges Between Correctional Facilities and Higher Education Providers. Here, she’s joined by Counselor Supervisor Michael Pierce who works with SCEA at the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution, George Jones, SCEA instructor, and Sheila Meiman, Program Director of the Raritan Valley Community College Higher Education in Prison program.